Real estate photography,

and architectural photography

St Clair Studio7




Packages for landlords:




Package Apartment  € 190



Package Villa   € 290


* applicable to standard 2-3 bedroom villa up to 150 sqm



Package LUX  € 390


* applicable to bigger properties



Twilight photography is our speciality


75 per photo


150 twilight package - 3 photos






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What we shoot?


 We cover every important space in a house: a hallways, a living space, kitchen and dining area, we expect that number of bathroom/toilets isn’t bigger that the bedrooms. For every extra space – like an extra room, garage, office - we charge € 30.

 We expect that the property is prepared for a photo shooting session. It means that we don’t move the furniture and don’t do the staging. However, if it is required, we can help to prepare the property for a reasonable price.





What really matters?


In professional photography, it is quality, quality and, once more, quality that really matters.

Neither an estate agent, whose job is selling, nor a talented amateur photographer, who just wants to earn extra money, can ensure the professional quality of photographs that are to sell your property worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Three things are required to take professional photographs: experience gained over the years of a photographer’s work, talent and top quality equipment.
Cheap reflex cameras are widespread, however professional equipment is still very expensive. Prices of such cameras start at EUR 4,000 and the sky is the limit. In addition, a professional photographer needs appropriate computer hardware, a high-definition monitor, controllers, studio lighting, expensive graphics editors with various add-ons, social and healthcare insurance, etc. 

Do I mean that professional photography services are expensive? No, they are not. Especially if you recall how much you last paid a fireplace cleaner - a guy with a brush and screwdriver who disappeared after half an hour.
And how much you will pay your agent.

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