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Unfortunately, unlike many believe, Photoshop cannot correct everything. It is worth spending some time to prepare an apartment or a house for a photo session.
The interior should look as splendidly as possible. So, it must be well cleaned out and all glass and shining elements need to be washed to remove any visible damp patches and stains (windows, glass, bathroom fittings, etc.).

First, we need to hide, if possible, everything that is not part of the decor. Clothes or newspapers in disarray do not look good in photographs. Hide or cover all power cords, extension cords, equipment that will not look good, e.g. routers.

If outdoor pictures are planned, any unnecessary equipment should also be removed and the garden needs to be tidied up. Nothing distracts viewers more that garden tools scattered around or garbage bags next to the garage. Hide bicycles, park your car in the street.

Replace burned-out light bulbs - the photo session requires all the light available.

Remember – the pictures will only show what you want to show. If you have any private keepsakes, e.g. pictures of your children, they should be better hidden for the session.

The cost of a professional photo session is a small fraction of the total cost of a transaction and the most profitable investment in the entire selling/renting process! Especially when compared with other expenses like the advertisements, the estate agent’s fee or the discount that is usually offered in the course of negotiations with the client.




How can I determine, on my own, the approximate number of pictures I may need?

The number of photographs mainly depends on the layout of rooms and space arrangement. Large, finely decorated spaces need more pictures than smaller, empty rooms. Approximate number of shots for various rooms in a flat or home:


  •     Living room - 2-4
  •     Kitchen - 2-3
  •     Bedroom - 2-3
  •     Room - 2-3
  •     Bathroom - 1-2
  •     Corridor - 1-2
  •     Building outside view - 1-3
  •     Other rooms - 1-2 (e.g. dressing room, larder, cell, laundry room, basement, swimming pool, garage, staircase, lift, loft, balcony, patio, porch).

Not all rooms are worth showing! Especially in large homes, only the most attractive rooms are usually presented. Many real property websites limits the number of pictures, so about 20 best photos should do. Please also remember that, surprisingly, after seeing ten to twenty pictures our brains can visualize the entire property in the way we want it to look like, usually even better than the real thing. This means that clients more readily set appointments if they can’t see everything...


How long will a photo session last?

Unfortunately, haste is not a professional photographer's best friend and such sessions take time. If you want a wonderful effect, pictures must be taken with the use of the latest technology to receive one top quality photograph. Studio lighting is sometimes needed or you will have to wait for appropriate daylight. Twilight pictures are taken in the best light – during the so-called “golden hour” - between half an hour before and half an hour after sunset. All this means that one hour is enough to get 2 - 3 top quality photographs.
If you expect top quality pictures, plan a 5 - 8 hour session for a home.
That’s why, i.e. for the sake of top quality of photographs, I cannot accept an order if access to the object is not ensured for a sufficient time. Also, I only arrange one session a day.


How to make a room look more appealing quickly and at a low cost?

A room should encourage everyone to stay in it. Professional home staging is made by interior decorators, but everybody can quickly make their flat or home more cosy. These are just a few simple and inexpensive ways:


  •     vases with bunches of cut flowers;
  •     flowerpots on empty window sills;
  •     fruits in a basket or on a top (e.g. oranges, tangerines, bananas, apples, pears, lemons, kiwi fruits, melons);
  •     a bottle of wine with glasses;
  •     books with eye-catching backs on empty shelves - either standing or lying;
  •     a picture album or magazine on a coffee and bedside table;
  •     decorative pillows in the living room and bedroom;
  •     tasteful bedspread on a bed or an old sofa;
  •     decorative things in alcoves and on cupboards (statuettes, vases, candles, pictures in frames, keepsakes);
  •     clean towels in the bathroom - hanging or lying, folded or rolled up;
  •     plush toys in the children’s room;
  •     paintings on empty walls.



Will the pictures of a property be altered using Photoshop?


Each photograph will be accurately processed with the use of graphics editors. A photo session in the object is only part of my work. Even the most advanced and most expensive photo equipment and the best lenses cannot depict true colours and cause some aberrations and distortions (image deformations). They need to be adjusted to ensure that a picture looks good. This is the minimum scope of work that needs to be done in the digital darkroom. Next, I may hide unnecessary elements in a picture (e.g. visible dust, cords, cracks, etc.) and, sometimes, remove or replace some elements in the photograph.


How long will it take before I can receive my photographs?

In case of a small session (a flat, home, office, restaurant, shop), the post-processed pictures should be ready for download within 48 hours. Express service – 24 hours.


And which delivery channel will be used?

I will save the pictures in the cloud and send the download link to your e-mail address. In this way, I avoid clogging up your e-mail box. It is easy to download them to your device.

Can we arrange a meeting on Saturday or Sunday?

If you are only available on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, I will do my best to meet your expectations.



Can I receive smaller pictures for property websites?

Yes. I can make, on request, and add, free of charge, smaller pictures (900 x 600 pixels) so that property websites can easily attach them to sale offers. Professional resizing to a smaller format is required to retain top quality.


Which time of the day is better to photograph a property? Night or day?

It depends on the object and on the purpose and intended climate of the photographs. The majority of objects (especially offices, flats and homes) are best photographed in the daytime to receive natural colours and nice and bright interiors. In case of homes, additional outdoor pictures taken in the evening or night will highlight the atmosphere of the place and make the offer much more attractive. According to various surveys, clients spend most time to see outdoor pictures of properties. Evening pictures of hotels, clubs or cafes will be similarly attractive.


 Can an estate agent provide good quality photographs?

Estate agents usually take quick pictures or receive them from the seller, so these are mostly amateur products. Such photographs rarely look good and may put off prospective clients. They are often dark, crooked, blurred, with untrue colours and ill-considered shots. It is not worth losing clients because of poor quality of photographs. You should better hire a professional interior photographer!

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